cheats and glitches

June 16, 2007

Cheats & Glitches

Club Penguin unfortunately fixed some glitches

The ones that are crossed out don’t work any more

Walk on Walls-

1. Go inside the lighthouse

2. Stand behind the fish bucket or the boat

3. Click on the door

4. Click the 2nd floor very fast

Dance With Newspaper-

1. Go to the swf page:

2. Click on any player card

3. Move the player card to the left so the send mail button is in the white part

4. Open the newspaper

5. Send the mail

6. Now dance

Igloo Edit-

1. Go to your igloo

2. Press the Igloo edit button

3. Press your player card

4. Go to HQ

5. Use the map and go to any member igloo

6. Now you can move things around

Beacon Glitch-

1. Stand on one side of the beacon

2. Press the other side of the beacon

3. When you get to the edge press the addition button on your keyboard

4. Then press the other side again

Ultimate Safe Chat Glitch-

1. Go to an ultimate safe chat server

2. Press the ? on your chat bar

3. Uncheck the safe chat box

4. Go to another room

5. Now you can talk

Walk With Newspaper-

1. Go to the swf page:

2. Go to the book room

3. Start or join a game

4. When it asks you if you want to join press yes a lot of times really fast

5. Now walk to a different game without exiting the first game

6. Press yes

7. Do the news dance (listed on this page)

8. Go to town

9. Go back to the book room

10. Now you should be walking with the newspaper

11. To see if it worked ask people if your doing it
Stand Near Signs-

1. Go to the mountain

2. Go to the bunny hill

3. While you are walking press the map

4. Join the game

5. When the game starts go to the town

6. Walk towards the sign on the right

7. Press w rapidly until you get there

8. Now your on the sign

(this can be done in a lot of places plaza, dock, etc.)

Walk on Mine Shack-

1. Go to the mine

2. Go to one side of the shack

3. Press the other side of the shack

4. Press the addition button

5. Press the other side again

(this is just like the beacon glitch just on the mine)


1. Go to the swf page:

2. Press F11 on your keyboard to get to full screen mode

3. Press the white bar under your chat bar

4. Now you are nubbin

Stand on Penguins-

1. Go to the swf page:

2. Put your mouse over a penguin you would like to stand on

3. Hold the tab button on your keyboard

4. The courser should change to a regular arrow

5. Now click

6. You should be on the other penguin now

Flashing Words-

1. Say “green commander of (anything you want)”

2. Walk around

The second way to do it


2. Walk around

Have more than 100 buddies-

1. Have about 90-99 buddies

2. Go around asking a lot of people to be your buddy

3. Then eventually when they all accept you will have more than 100 buddies

Put floor furniture on walls-

1. Go to your inventory

2. Click a floor that is at the top row of your inventory 2 times fast

3. Press the tab button on your keyboard
4. Press enter

5. This also works for putting wall items on the floor

Catch the big fish in Ice Fishing

1. When you see the big fish starting to come get a yellow fish but don’t reel it in keep it hanging

2. When the big fish (Mullet) starts to get closer just hold the yellow fish in front of it using it as bait

3. When you catch him you get 50 extra coins

Astro Barrier-

1. While on the loading screen press 1, 2 or 3 to get to levels 10 20 and 30

Putting Items on Walls Sideway-

1. Find an item that is on your wall

2. Drag it to the floor of your igloo

3. Let go

4. It should be sideways now

Puffle Full Stats-

1. Give it a bath

2. Feed it

Dance With Different Item-

(this Glitch is client side which means only you can see it)

1. Have on any clothes you want or no clothes

2. Go to your player card

3. Put on an item that you can do a special dance with

4. Don’t close your player card

5. Now dance or wave ( depending on what special item your doing it with)

6. Now you should be doing a weird dance

Hockey Glitch-

1. Go to the Ice Rink

2. Wait for the puck to stop moving if it is

3. Hold the tab button and click on the puck

4. Now click anywhere you want and the puck will go there

Puffles With No Names

1. Buy a puffle

2. When you name him make his name a bunch of spaces